Mr Nick Latta, Mrs Arabia Amjad, Teachers and Performers, pose for a group photo after the show.

As part of the International School’s Award program, students from Baghdad High School for Girls performed a scene from Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice.  However these creative and adventurous students decided to perform it a little differently, making this performance particularly special and unique. During the Shakespearean era, young boys used to play the roles of women - but the Baghdad High School girls reversed this tradition by playing the roles of the men in the play!

Although the language of Shakespeare’s plays is archaic and difficult to follow nowadays (even for native English speakers!), the students produced and delivered a successful and well received performance. The show also added value to the ‘Shakespeare Lives Program’, taking the audience back 400 years, to the days of Shakespeare.

Mr Nick Latta the Deputy  ambassador to the British Embassy in Iraq attended, and expressed his appreciation and gratitude for the performance, that in such a brief time provided a good glimpse of Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice. Mrs Arabia Amjad, the Ambassador of the Schools Program supported by the British Council delivered a short speech, expressing her joy, and acknowledging the commitment and hard work of the students, teachers, and head teacher for producing and performing the play.

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