Thursday, 27 July 2017


developing brillant teachers and trainers at the heart of TVET workshop


Brilliant teaching and training does not happen by chance, there is a clear link between effective sustained professional development and its impact on the learning outcomes for young people. 12 skilled teachers and trainers Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Labor in KRG and CSI took part in a five day workshop, the first of three capacity building workshops that took place in Erbil. The workshop was delivered by an international teaching specialist. The training will enable these 12 teachers and trainers to become the project Super Trainers. These Super Trainers will increase the reach geographical of the new teacher training programme. The result will be that more young people having access to high quality technical and vocational training and teaching.


“The passion, commitment and energy demonstrated throughout the five days by the teachers and trainers taking part in the programme, is what will make this programme successful’’ said Melanie Relton, Regional Vocational Education and Training Manager, Middle East and North Africa British Council. “The effect of a good teacher on a young person’s life is monumental. We all remember that one inspirational teacher that made the different. This programme aims to develop 1100 inspiring role models that will have an important part to play creating long-lasting impact on the young people of today’. e


 “Global knowledge is easy to get from books but with (teaching) skills…must be seen” was the feedback from one of the teachers taking the workshop.  The workshop was ‘very good, fun, useful, goals achieved (I have)  gained new teaching methods’, said another teacher. It was the ‘best workshop I have ever been too ….  never seen anything like this…helped me a lot” .


These Super trainers will now be supported to cascade the newly training programme across the country, and will draw on their newly acquired skills, knowledge and professional support networks.


Teachers have a very significant, lifelong impact on all of their students the vision for this programme is that these skilled teachers will contribute to the development of a fit for 21st century purpose Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) system in Iraq, which will equip students with qualifications to secure a job and decent income, with career opportunities now and for the future.

About the British Council

As the United Kingdom’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities, the British Council creates opportunities for the people of the UK as well as of Iraq, in order to build trust and understanding, and maintain mutually beneficial relationships.  The British Council is working to support the rebuilding and revitalisation of the education system and to meet the demand for English and Skills to aid employability of young Iraqis. There is a large demand from target audiences for our services, linkages and programmes. This presents significant opportunities for the British Council to share UK expertise in Education, English and Society to create learning opportunities, strengthen institutions and create better understanding and trust between Iraq and the UK. However, doing this in a difficult security environment requires creativity, tenacity, passion and determination.  British Council Iraq is a high priority and growing operation currently located in 3 offices: Baghdad, Erbil, and Basra.