Overview of our work in arts

Through our arts work in Iraq we build strong relationships between artists, producers, festivals, venues, curators and directors in the UK and their Iraqi counterparts. We collaboratively develop and curate a number of exciting new projects in theatre, dance, music, film and interdisciplinary creativity.

Our programmes not only resonate with our cultural agenda, but most importantly, with our partners’ needs and aspirations. We make it our priority to inspire and empower children and young adults, Iraq’s influencers and leaders of tomorrow, by connecting them to UK creativity and outreach in arts education.

Our mission to engage with, entertain and inspire audiences across Iraq.

Partners we work with:

  • Ministries of Culture in both Baghdad and Erbil
  • High Council for Women in Kurdistan Region of Iraq
  • Salahddin University
  • Iraqi Writers Union
  • Kurdish Writers Union
  • Reel Arts/FireFly International/Reel Iraq
  • ArtRole
  • National Youth Orchestra of Iraq (NYOI)

Baghdad School Performance a Shakespeare Scene

As part of the International School’s Award program, students from Baghdad High School for Girls performed a scene from Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice.  However these creative and adventurous students decided to perform it a little differently, making this performance particularly special and unique. During the Shakespearean era, young boys used to play the roles of women - but the Baghdad High School girls reversed this tradition by playing the roles of the men in the play!