Wednesday, 02 May 2018


The General Directorate for Teachers Training, Training and Educational Development at the Ministry of Education held a ceremony 30  April 2018 honouring the Master Trainers of English for Teaching project of British Council in the presence of the General Director of the Directorate Dr. Sabah Al Kinani and the Country Director of the British Council Dr. Victoria Lindsay and representatives of the Ministry of Education, Department of Cultural Relations and a large number of English language teachers who participated in this project. 

The program included training of 28 Master trainers from Baghdad and Basra provinces on the new teaching skills, especially in English language, British Council experts exchanged with the leaders their skills in dealing with students, new teaching techniques and the British school system. After the intensive course was finished, the leaders got graduated in 2017 and then trained 3,500 English language teachers in Baghdad and Basra from different levels for two months.

In his speech, the General Director of the Directorate for Teachers Training Dr. Sabah Al-Kinani said that English language has become an important demand for the students under the current challenges, he added that the percentage of participants in the training was very high which shows the willing spirit of the English language teachers in Iraq to enhance their language capacity.

Dr. Sabah also praised the role of the British Council in the success of this important course which will develop the status of English language in Iraq and that the results were excellent and beyond expectations. 

The Country Director of the British Council Dr. Victoria said The Master Trainer programme was developed to improve the quality of English language training across Iraq, there have been challenges, and however the progress to date demonstrates your strong determination to ensure that Iraqi children and their parents have access to the very best English language education. 

She also encouraged participants to continue with their own personal development by making use of the numerous online tools available through the British Council

The ministry praised the importance of the program and the efforts of the British Council and considered it one of the most successful programs in the development of the efficiency of English teachers in Iraq, as it targeted a wide range of English teachers.




Notes to Editor

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