Qualification & preferred skills

• Minimum 3-5 years’ experience in training interventions.

• Basic keyboarding and computer skills.

• Excellent verbal communication and listening skills.

• Good working knowledge in English language


Location Baghdad
Closing date Friday, 25 September 2020

Role overview

1. Plan and agree with British Council an annual Core Skills training programme of delivery at the beginning of each year of their contract, with reviews at regular intervals.

2. In consultation with British Council (and with local stakeholders as directed), shape the content, structure and length of courses to suit the specific needs of participants - using the British Council’s suite of Core Skills training packages and recommendations for delivery, as well as their own knowledge of appropriate training styles and methodologies in each national context.

3. In consultation with British Council and local stakeholders, promote the offer and recruit participants for workshops. The British Council will also work with each provider to promote the course via channels such as the Schools Online website and e-newsletter, exhibitions/events and our network of ambassadors to ensure specific target audiences are prioritized as necessary.

4. Provide support and mentoring to other trainers with development needs in your country. This might include telephone and email support or co-delivering training to help model best practice and share knowledge and experience.

Support the British Council’s monitoring and evaluation systems by implementing the learning outcomes evaluation strategy and gathering participant feedback on the content, structure and delivery of the courses, and making recommendations for continuous improvement. The British Council will record, and analyse feedback received to help inform future developments in our schools offer. For quality-assurance and monitoring purposes, British Council members of staff will attend a small selection of courses delivered by each provider.

5. If required, be willing to deliver training in other countries (subject to agreement in advance) to help support the global rollout and success of the Core Skills training programme.

6. Actively participate in a global network of Core Skills trainers from countries around the world where the training packages are being delivered. Appointed suppliers are expected to engage with this network via online forums and networking spaces on a regular basis.

7. As required by the British Council, take part in additional face-to-face quality assurance and professional development workshops for Core Skills trainers. The dates and venues of these follow-up workshops will be determined in consultation with suppliers.

8. Required travel 25% in and outside Iraq.

How to apply

Applications should include:

• a CV tailored to the above requirement

• a supporting statement tailored to the above requirements.

Please send the above to Iraq.procurement@britishcouncil.org with the title “CC Trainer, Iraq” before

25 September 2020.