Little school girl holding a sign, pupils in the bakground

About the programme

Also referred to as "the EU Schools Programme" (€14.7m, co-financed by the European Union), the "Capacity building in primary and secondary education" programme is delivered by the British Council and supported by the Ministry of Education in Iraq.

The programme aims to improve the quality of, and access to the Iraqi education system. It is strengthening institutional capacity of education administration at central and local level. The project builds on previous work with EU from 2011-2014 "Improving the Quality of Education in Iraq."

The programme is aligned with Iraq’s National Development Programme (2013-2017) and the National Education Strategy (2012) and also focuses on the Sustainable Development Goals of Human Rights, Inclusion, Disability and Education. The extensive programme operates across all of Iraq’s 23,000 schools.

What we focus on

  • Increasing the enrolment and completion rates
  • Developing the national human rights curriculum and building capacity in the area of peace education
  • Creating national standards for psychological counselling in schools and establishing a national network of trained school counsellors
  • Increasing access to education for children with disabilities
  • Reviewing schools against agreed standards to enhance and drive up the quality of education.

"The Leading Head Teacher training gave me personal strength and enabled me to improve my performance and that of the School in many ways. I didn’t know how to deal with many situations like school counselling and disabled children or how to build relationships with the local community. Since attending the training our school has enrolled 12 students with disabilities and all children receive a mental health check. Our local community are supporting the school and involved in projects including decorating and refurbishment." - Mrs Nahla Husain Ali, Head Teacher Sumaya school


"The Capacity Building Programme played a crucial part in changing the role of the school to elevate the performance of the teachers throughout their interactions with pupils to encourage self-development" - Mr. Hussein Hindi, Deputy General Director of Education Supervision

How we do it