On the first week of December, we are celebrating #IDPD2020 people with disability from Iraq whom we have worked with and who did not let their disability define them. Follow our Facebook page to read their stories throughout the week, or read selected parts from their stories on this page.

Ahmed always dreamt of playing football with his peers. See how Ahmed challenged his reality and made his dream come true.
With a gold Medal in Judo and a university degree in psychology, Taha sets an example on following dreams and achieving goals despite the disability. In this video, Taha shares his journey.
In 2019, 28 schoolteachers attended a workshop to learn new techniques of teaching as part of the British Council initiative "I CAN" to improve inclusive physical education classes in primary schools. Let's see what the teachers learned in this video.
Saja, a 14-year old Iraqi girl who uses a wheelchair for movement, but with the support of our Capacity Building Programme, ramps were installed in Saja’s school to make it fully accessible to disabled people, making her the first disabled child to attend a mainstream intermediate school.